P.E. Grading Guidelines

Elementary Physical Education Grading Guidelines


3-5 Participation Physical Education Grade

 Your child will receive a Conduct, Participation and Health Grade from PE every nine weeks in

  the form of an E, S, N, U

              Rules your child should follow in PE:

                        1. Enter quietly and sit in assigned places

           2. Listen and follow directions

           3. Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself

           4. Show good sportsmanship and respect toward other students and teachers

         5. Give their best effort


  1. The Participation Grade is based on the student’s effort applied and his participation, NOT athletic ability.  If they try their best, they will receive a good grade. We believe all students can be successful and have fun if the effort is put forth.

  1. Participation –  90% (participating in the PE activities and doing your best)


  1. Skills – 10%  (written test, skills test or by observation)

Excuses from Participation:  It is the Klein ISD policy that any student not able to participate in PE class           activities must present a written excuse from his/her parent or guardian. This note is good for only three days.  After three days, a doctor’s note is required. If your child is not able to participate in PE, they will not be-able to participate in recess activities also.

K-2 Standards Based Physical Education grade

K-5 Health Grade

A  Health Grade in the form of E, S ,N ,U will also be given every nine weeks. Following specific

Health TEKS, the students will be discussing topics such as nutrition, benefits of exercise, muscles, drugs, safety along with many other topics.


                E – Active participation (verbal discussion and attentive listening)

                       Extra credit: use of outside resources


                S – Attentive listening: may not have verbal response

                N – Students sitting out during that discussion time; repeated disruption

                U – Continuous negative behavior; causing disruption

K-5 Conduct Grade

A.  The Conduct Grade is based on behavior.  When a student sits in time-out for a behavior                             

           problem, he will receive a check in the grade book.  (Students in grades 3-5 will sign a “discipline

           book” when they sit out).    

E =    0 checks in the grade book

S =    1-2 checks in the grade book

N =   3 checks in the grade book,  Discipline note sent home

U =   4 checks in the grade book

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